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Radio Maria is a "gift from God" given through the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Catholic Church. It is a presence of motherly love in our families andaguiding light in our journey of FAITH. Every day, as you go deeper and deeper into the peace that only the Word of God can give, you pray, you learn, you grow and you become happy because you are part of the family of God, reunited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, mother of the Church and our Mother.


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If you desire to draw closer to Jesus of Nazareth, come, as we follow in His footsteps. Each day of your pilgrimage you will have time to renew and affirm your faith; to pray and reflect. The Scriptures will come alive as you visit Our Lord's homeland. You will be inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape, in addition to its rich historical heritage It is an encounter that has changed the lives of many pilgrims, an act of faith and prayer. Pilgrims have been traveling to the Holy Land for hundreds of years, and as part of your pilgrimage, we include many of the rich traditions that have evolved over time. The maxim at the entrance to the Church of the Nativity says: “We are hoping that: If you enter here as a tourist, you would exit as a pilgrim. If you enter here as a pilgrim, you would exit as a holier one.” We pray that same will occur when you join 206 Tours pilgrimage.

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